Who we are

We are Animar, an Argentinian Cluster of animation producers and VFX.

We work together to enhance our experience in providing services, original content, production and co-production of series and feature films, advertising and transmedia projects for both local and international market. Animar companies have been in the market for over 15 years and produced animated content for clients such as Paka Paka, Cartoon Network, Disney, Discovery, Fox, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, MTV, NBC Universal and The New Yorker, among others.

Animar broad teams of artists, designers, animators, directors and producers are capable of working at any stage of the production process, whether it’s a stop motion, 2d, 3d or live action combined with animation project.

Can Can Club

Stop Motion & 2D animation + content

Since 2008- Buenos Aires-Argentina

Can Can Club is an animation studio that brings together a team of passionate people to dedicate their work and creativity to storytelling. Specialized in stop motion, it was founded in 2008
and since then it has positioned itself as a reference in the world market. Regarding services the studio has developed advertising content for Mexico, Switzerland, England, Spain, Canada, Germany and the United States with agencies as JWT, Grey, Jung Von Matt, BBDO, China Madrid, Draft FCB, Leo Burnett and Latin Works. 
Regarding contents the company develops original content among which there are TV series, feature films and multi-award- winning short films. Its latest TV production, "The tiniest man in the world", directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella, was co-produced with TV France in 2016 and premiered in 2017. 

Caramba Estudio

2D Animation + content

Since 2005- Buenos Aires-Argentina

Caramba Estudio is an artist-driven animation studio devoted to the creation of animated original contents, branding and advertising for TV, digital and the new media market, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The studio was founded in 2005 by the director and illustrator Ariel Lopez V. and Marilina Sánchez, executive producer.
Our team of animators, designers and directors work together with our clients to produce creative, passionate and high-end visual products.
The studio produced more that 200 episodes of long format animated series and commercials for clients such as MTV Latin America, The New Yorker, NBC Universal, Discovery, Coca Cola, Paka Paka, among others. 

Hook Up Animation

2D & 3D Animation content

Since 2001- Buenos Aires-Argentina

Hook Up Animation is one of the most prestigious Animation and Visual Effects studios in Latin America. Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
we have earned a reputation for producing high quality animation for a variety of media including television, features, internet, shorts, commercials, pilots, promos, PSA’s and interstitials. Among
the international clients we have provided
services for, are Cartoon Network, Disney, Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. Hook Up Animation is also currently developing a number of original projects including an animated feature and several animated television series. 


3D Animation + content

Since 2001- Buenos Aires-Argentina

Malabar Animation Studio is an animated content lab. We integrate a team of CG artists and audiovisual professionals who immerse ourselves with passion and creativity in each of our productions. 
At Malabar we love telling stories, that's why we specialize in developing children's content for television, with an Art and Direction team that works in sync to obtain first-line graphic and narrative results. 
We have more than 15 years of experience, 7 series produced and hundreds of commercials. We love what we do. 


Animation, Visual Effects & Virtual Reality

Since 2005 - Buenos Aires-Argentina

At Malditomaus we go beyond traditional marketing solutions, offering agencies, directors, creatives and production companies the possibility to connect with their clients through gripping stories.

We specialize in building visual worlds that involve the public in a transmedia scenario, by using CG animation techniques and visual effects combining digital creation with live action. We search for a unique approach, the best for every project, and bring to life amazing ideas suitable for the platform or device they will be displayed on, including virtual reality.

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